Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wet Panties

Just look at this gorgeous milf inspecting her wet panties. I know quite a few women who love to pee in their panties, they just love the feel of the wet cotton against their pussy and the warm feeling of fresh pee running down their legs.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stockings And Panties

It's a little like fine wine with your meal, a pretty pair of panties are always more enjoyable when accompanied with a nice pair of stockings. Stockings and Panties is a new site featuring horny looking women dressed to thrill in their nylons and panties.
Here we see the ever so sexy Kelly Dee showing us a nice close-up of her panties and stockings, notice too how her naked nipples protrude slightly from her see through top.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Teen Cheerleader Panties

Cheerleader Upskirt
Watch Cheerleader Britney Exposing Her Panties

Do you like looking up the skirts of horny teen cheerleaders. Here you can watch a good 4 minute clip of Britney Preston as she exposes her cheerleader panties while stretching and going through her warm up routine.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Housewife Panties

How would you like to get into a pair of horny housewifes panties within the next 24 hours? I am not kidding, XXX Dating Site is full of women looking for no strings sex dates. Many claim to be married and that they are looking for some fun as their husbands are not giving enough attention. I wonder if they are divorced and just feeling horny rather than sneaking around without their man knowing but either way, all they are looking for is a stiff cock without commitment.


Panty Fucking

Want To Fuck My Panties

With my wrists tied behind my back lover paraded back and forth in her full back panties. With her full round ass she certainly knows how to fill them out in a sexy manner. I was desperate to have some panty fucking but she felt I needed to desire her even more than was already evident.

Out of the laundry room came a still damp pair of panties that she had been wearing earlier. My lover wrapped them around my face, I could smell the musky scent of her pussy still on the fabric. A second used pair soon followed and sensing my excitement she then pulled the panties she was wearing away from her ass cheek before inviting me in closer.

“If you want to fuck my pussy you have to do so while I am still wearing my panties and I want you to keep my worn ones around your face” she said. I didn’t require a second invitation, watch the action unfold by clicking the image or click the download panty movie link and watch as I panty fuck her senseless.


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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

See Through Panties

See Through Panties
Click Here To Cum In My Panties

What would you do with this beautiful being. Would you bury your face deep into the bulging vulva, sniffing in her scent as your tongue probed for her wet patch through the cotton fabric? Or would you position yourself behind her and pulling the thin fabric to one side slip your cock deep into her wet twat while leaving leaving her panties in place to catch your cum drenching?


Saturday, June 06, 2009

Celebrity Upskirt


Celebs showing off their panties, well not willingfully showing them off. More like they are hounded as they exit a car or a nightclub. Don’t you ever wonder why it is okay to take a picture of a celebrity as she exits a car yet it is not okay to take an upskirt image in the street?

For those that do not recognise this blonde bombshell it is ex nurse and UK glamour girl Abi Titmuss, made more famouse by her leaked and exposed Celebrity Sex Tape. This image was kindly donated for me to use by Naked Celebrity.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Black Panties And Ripped Nylons

Click Here To Get Closer To My Panties

I have a love for panties as you will know if you have ever purchased a worn pair from me. Kirsty Blue is another sexy milf who shares many of the same panty fetish desires that I do. This sexy milf is at it again wowing her fans with this fetish panty movie sample. As you can see she is wearing a pair of tight black panties underneath her ripped nylons. How would you like to rip them a little more, maybe around the groin area allowing you access to her damp crotch? You had better CLICK HERE to Kirsty in hot panty action.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Worn Leopard Print Panties

How would you like to get your hands on a pair of my worn leopard print panties within 72 hours from the time of reading this (assuming they have not already been sold). I have just one pair of these leopard print full back panties. I put them on this morning so if anyone would like to purchase them be quick. There should be absolutely no waiting time. These can be in the post tomorrow afternoon and with you by Tuesday morning.

Lepoard Print Used Panties
To Purchase These Click Here

If they do not get purchased I will pop them in the laundry basket and leave them listed on the sales page as a special.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Used Panty Shopping Cart

I have been so busy with updating the main Saucy Panties web site that I have had very little time to update this panty sex blog, I will leave myself a sticky note, More Panty Porn required. In the mean time you might like to know that the new used panty shopping cart is now fully functional.

I am hoping to add a few special selection pairs shortly, by this I mean rather than you order lets say for example a full back pair of panties or a skimpy thing and not really have much say in the color or pattern I am going to upload a few new images of the actual panties you can purchase worn from me. They will be one off pairs that once sold that’s it, a sold out notice will appear.

So panty porn lovers stay tuned and if you would like to purchase a pair of my used and worn panties then get on over to my used panty shopping cart:

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Cum Stained Panties

Panty Stains
Click Here To Cum Over Our Panties

Panty Pops a panty site full of gorgeously sexy women in tight fitting panties ranging from shiny bikini full backs to simple cotton thongs. These girls look so horny in their tight panties so sit back and allow them to put on a show for you. Watch as they show you just how great their cute ass looks and how their swollen pussy lips protrude against the thin cotton.

When you can take no more teasing the girls are more than willing to present themselves to you on all fours, allowing you to wank over their panty clad ass spewing your hot sticky sperm over their butt cheeks.

More Panty Pops This Way

Friday, July 18, 2008

Skimpy Thong Panties

Watch Me Undress And Rub My Pussy Through My Thong

If you like solo girls posing naked with large tits and wearing skimpy thongs then you are going to enjoy this teen panty picture gallery… It was kindly donated to me to use and share with our visitors by a site called Booya Thong. I am not sure what the Booya stands for but I can tell you the site has plenty of sexy teens posing and playing with themselves wearing only their thongs.

The image above and the gallery it leads to, has a reduced quality as it is just an example. Booya Thong itself features the finest busty teens with natural big titties wearing the cutest little thong panties. There are plenty of panty videos featuring the busty teens bending over and spreading their legs wearing pretty sheer, lace, or cotton thongs…

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Panty Licking Cameltoes


I know you are going to love this panty movie sample that I have lined up for you all today. This girls pussy gets a nice firm workout as she rubs it through her pretty pink panties. I like the way she presses hard against the cotton material creating a nice subtle cameltoe.

The samples are from Wet Panty Lickers, the idea behind the site is that the girls (or their partners both male and female) rub themselves to orgasm ensuring the panties have absorbed plenty of their love potion. Then the girls enjoy licking and tasting the pussy stains straight out of their own panties.

More Panty Licking

Friday, July 04, 2008

Panty Posts Are Back

Things just get better!! Here is me thinking that several months worth of posts had gone missing and they suddenly appear again. No sooner had I posted to explain a seemingly lack of posts and they are back, I think I had one of the settings wrong. Not to worry, I will still ensure that you have plenty of panty porn to pleasure youself with over the coming days.

Panty Porn

Hello panty porn lovers, I bet you are all thinking wow this girl hasn't made a post on this blog in nearly six months. I can forgive you for thinking that but the truth is I moved to a new server last month and my back-ups were not as good as I thought they were. Several months material was lost but I guess I am lucky that it was only six months worth and not material from years back when I first launched this panty sex blog.

So moving swiftly on, I cannot do anything about what has happened but I can plan the future and I can attempt to make up for lost time with a carnival of panty porn. If you are a regular I am sorry for the lack of posts, the missing posts and the frustration shared. If you are a first time visitor then I suggest you bookmark us now or add me to your favorites (I won't bite) as I really do have a feast of panty porn lined up...

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Upskirt Teen Masturbating In Her Panties


I know this gallery will get you going on a Saturday morning. A sexy hot teen lifting up her skirt to reveal her semi see though panties before having a fiddle with herself. When you click the first image to view the larger full size scale of it, you are left wanting and wishing to see more of her shaved pussy but no… It is neatly hidden behind the thin cotton strip down the middle. Then to make matters worse she starts fingering her wet teen pussy from behind the cotton with her hand down her panties.

However, I haven’t let you all down, the gallery does eventually show you the teen pussy shot that you are longing for but only after an erotic playful build up. Watch as this tease masturbates herself through her panties before sticking her candy bar into her pussy but still keeping her panties on, gives a new meaning to sweet sticky panties I guess…

Its All TOO Much Take Me To The Movie Download


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Upskirt Panties Down

Four Movie Samples - Watch Me Take My Panties Down

I have never really been that interested in exposed pussy shots, when I say not interested, I mean I would prefer to see a women in a pretty pair of tight fitting panties or thong, a nice tight cameltoe even. However this panty video grabbed my attention. Maybe it is because you are not seeing the pussy shot and you are still left to use your imagination. You’re getting an upskirt view which looks inviting but still it leavs an air of unknown.

Have a watch yourself and see what you think, the first panty movie is in a squatting position looking straight up her skirt, then the other movie samples film her slowly peeling her panties down, focusing on her long legs and stockings but always failing with the pussy shot, a right tease but an enjoyable one.


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Upskirt Panties - Tight Panties


I just couldn’t decide which image I liked the best to link to today’s panty gallery so I used them all. I have a weakness for nice butts and this peachy little ass looked so cute with the thong vanishing up the crack of her ass. I also have a weakness for the more voyeur style upskirt panty picture and again, the image I have used here is certainly cheeky to say the least.

Finally the larger thumb nail image, it is a zoomed in picture, look closely and you can see the outline of her tightly pulled pussy lips through the thin pink material of her thong. This fantastic panty gallery is from the jeans and panty people. It is a site that has a nice slant to it. They do not just feature pretty girls in skimpy panties, they zoom in on girls wearing tight fitting figure hugging jeans who then share there panties for viewing and often a lot more as well…


Friday, April 18, 2008

Wet Teen Panty Licking

Panty MoviePanty Movie

Okay we decided to load eight wet teen panty licking movies to our server as a treat for all our regulars. Please do not hot link to them, download them or watch them through your browser but anyone caught hot linking and we will report you first and then you will spoil it for everyone else as we shall remove them and replace them with something nasty that shows the world what you really are.

There is no catch, you just watch each scene in turn and enjoy the lesbian pussy munching panty licking fun. These two images are numbers 1 and 7 screen captures. What starts off as some curious fun between two teen friends soon turns into a panty munching teen lesbian pussy feast. Watch as they take it in turns to work at each other getting their panties nice and wet.

Panty Movie Download Page


Monday, April 14, 2008

Panty Porn


This blonde babe had so much fun and she managed to get her tight white panties so wet while fingering her pussy through them that she decided to take them off and stuff them deep into her pussy but it didn’t stop there.

After she had managed to get these white panties stuffed all the way into her tight snatch and after she had left them there a short while soaking up all that lovely pussy juice, she slowly pulled them back out and then proceeded to taste them, yes she popped them into her own mouth!! As she slowly sucked her pussy juice back out of the cotton I could not help but wonder just how sweet they must have tasted.

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