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Panties & Brotherly Love (True Story by Sally)

Growing up with two brothers and being only a couple of years older than them, I always had problems as a teenager with my brothers trying to look in at me and sneak a peak when I was dressing. One day the younger of the two, James had positioned himself under my bed waiting for me to undress, he knew it was a Friday night and that meant I was going out with friends, he also knew my routine and that meant a shower before I left. I knew he was there but instead of going mad and telling him to get out I decided to have some fun. After all, I was now 18 and I knew the body god had given me was going to be a powerful tool later on in life so I was not ashamed. I entered the bedroom and stood in front of my full length mirror, I knew this would give him a better look at my charms. I slowly unbuttoned my blouse letting it drop to the floor with my bra following shortly after. I tried to imagine what he must be thinking and wondered if he would find me sexually attractive, in a strange way what I was doing started to excite me.

I had a short black skirt on with bikini style white panties which to my amazement were becoming moist the more I thought about my brother watching me. I undid my skirt letting it slip to the floor before bending over to pick it up and place it in the linen basket, this was just an excuse for him to get a look at my ass inside my tight white panties. I did pause at this point and wonder if what I was doing was wrong, should I remove my panties and let him get a look at my now very wet pussy. The hesitation was short lived as I slowly edged my panties down over my thighs before letting them drop to the floor. I hooked my foot into them and gently tossed them towards where my brother hid. They went a little further than I had planned actually creeping under the edge of the bed, now was decision time, should I walk over to pick them up hence discovering my brother or should I let him believe he had got away with spying on me. If I discovered him what would I say, the easy decision was to walk out and take my shower, after all, I did tease him and I had enjoyed the experience, yes this was the right decision and the one which I took.

Whilst I was in the shower I could not get the thought of my brother out of my mind, I tried to stop myself from imagining what it would have been like to allow him to touch me but the dark side of my thoughts got the better of me and I found myself needing to relieve my tensions, I removed the shower head from its bracket and directed the jets of water at my pussy, my other hand gently rubbing my pelvic bone the sensation was amazing and an orgasm exploded out in no time. This was okay but I knew there were more to come, my shower that evening must have taken a good 30 minutes longer than usual, my thoughts running wild and my finger joints aching from the amount of self stimulation I had performed on myself.


On returning to my room I half hoped my brother would be still under the bed but the red face I passed on the landing soon put paid to that thought. What I did find amusing at the time was the pair of panties I had been wearing were nowhere to be found, I just assumed my brother had took them to savour my delights. Never did I imagine 10 years later what a surprise was in store for my 28th birthday.

My brother James now 26 married at the young age of just 19, we all said that he was not ready for it and that his wife was a player not to be trusted, but coming from a quite well educated background and having a well paid job I guess she saw him as a good catch. My brother, his wife (my sister-in-law) and my boyfriend had been out a few times together, to the local cinema, for a drink and the odd meal but I always felt a little uncomfortable and found her playful suggestive comments to my partner rather annoying and verging on blatant flirting. When it was suggested one day that we all went on a weeks holiday together to celebrate my birthday I was not quite sure but everyone around me thought it was a great idea so I decided to agree and go along with it.

The holiday was booked several months in advance, as the weeks passed leading up to it my boyfriend and I were growing further and further apart, hell I had been with him two years, the longest I had ever committed to anyone. By the time the holiday date arrived we really were on the verge of separation but we decided to go ahead with it. The holiday was going to be make or break time and the apartments we were staying in had enough bedrooms for us to sleep apart should things get worse, the problem was me, I knew I did not love him the way he wanted to be loved.

Things did get worse and we did end up in separate rooms but with two days of the holiday left and the day of my birthday I decided to enjoy myself and make the most of what was left. We had all arranged to go out for the evening and my now ex-boyfriend had agreed to put a brave face on it and join us all in an attempt to not spoil it for James and his wife. However I had noticed that over the past few days James and my brothers wife had been constantly whispering to each other, they swam together and bathed by the pool together, any onlookers would have assumed that they were a couple together, my brother ignoring it all just enjoying the holiday and probably used to his wife's flirtatious ways. That evening it was not long before James wife complained of not feeling well and my ex of making an excuse to leave early. I knew what was going on, I felt sorry for my brother but he should open his eyes and dump this slut.

When they left I confronted James and asked him why he put up with his wifes behaviour, he shrugged his shoulders and said he did not care, he had downed a few drinks and seemed very relaxed. After chatting for a while James paused, he went silent for a while and I could see something was on his mind, when I questioned him the words which then flowed from his mouth both shocked and excited me at the same time. James went on to describe how after 10 years earlier he had hid under my bed watching me, he told me that he had still not got the vision that day out of his mind, that he had taken my panties to smell my pussy aroma and taste my delights. He said for months he had longed to tell me how he was feeling and that nobody could match his sisters charms and how he often took my panties out of the laundry to sample them. I then sat back and told him that I had known of the night he hid under my bed and that I had teased him on purpose, I also admitted that I had often imagined what it would be like to tease him again. He stared directly into my eyes and asked when was the last time I had thought about this, I did not answer but simply parted my legs slightly knowing that he would have a direct view up my short skirt and he would see that I was again wearing white panties similar to that memorable day 10 years ago.

We did not speak, we just sat in silence for a moment before proceeding back to the apartments, again neither of us speaking, neither of us really knew what would happen when we got back, but as the short walk to the apartments was only 5 minutes away I guess it was not going to be long before we found out. My mind was racing, who would make the first move, would either of us make a move or would this just be another fantasy and long shower, it was now time to find out as we had reached my brothers apartment. We entered the apartment and stood motionless in front of each other. It was an awkward few seconds, we both wanted each other, we both knew it was wrong and my own thoughts were how I would feel afterwards. James proceeded into the bedroom and told me that he was going to get changed and showered, he walked in leaving the door open and I knew that it was time for me to continue where I had left off 10 years earlier.

I walked in behind James who was now sitting on the edge of the bed removing his socks, I pushed him backwards and climbed onto the bed, I positioned myself onto his chest, my legs straddled each side of him, my skirt hitched up around my thighs and the white crutch of my panties just a few inches short of his face. "Show me what you did with my panties" I whispered as I moved slowly towards his face. James grasped my thighs with his hands and pushed his face into the cotton gusset of my panties breathing sharply in through his nose and out through his mouth. The warm air he breathed out was soothing on my throbbing clitoris which I knew was swollen beyond belief. I then felt James sucking at my wet pussy through my panties, I reached behind and felt his hard cock through his trousers, he wasted no time in unzipping them for me to get a better hold whilst still sucking at me. As I placed my hands into his shorts I felt his tongue skilfully manoeuvre around the gusset of my panties and gently probe my clitoris, he then let it slowly slip inside me whilst still massaging my outer lips with his own.

I was very near to an orgasm already and I wanted to get to work on him, I turned around and whilst still in a squatted position I pushed my ass into his face and swiftly removed his throbbing cock from his shorts. As I pulled down slowly on his shaft he let out a slow groan of sheer delight before pulling my panties to one side so that his tongue could start working on my ass, not entering me but gently circulating around the entrance, nobody had ever done this to me before and the sensation was fantastic. I pulled down harder and firmer on his cock, it stiffening to breaking point, his swollen purple head looked so inviting and I could see that some light lubrication was required.

I lowered my head and gently rolled my lips around the head of his cock before letting my own tongue probe at his opening slit. I sat upright once again and started wanking him faster and faster, my spare hand now clasped around the base of his balls teasing and trying to coax his load out, I wanted to see it leave his body, I wanted to see the flowing white of his cum shooting at me. I knew there was plenty of time for him to return the favour so I slid down his body wanking him harder and harder. I wanted to feel his cock on me but knew that unprotected sex with my brother was not a good idea, so as I continued to wank him I pushed his throbbing end against the wet cotton of my panties which made him explode in seconds. As he came I pointed his cock upwards so that I could see it flowing, it flowed over my hand and trickled down my wrist.

I could not resist the temptation to taste him and as I licked his cum from my hands he slid down ready to take me in his mouth and return the favour. This was going to be my time, I felt dizzy with excitement and as I prepared for what was to come a loud knock and a sister-in-laws voice at the apartment door brought us both to a sudden halt. I gathered my senses first and told James to clean himself up whilst I answered the door, I told him to leave everything to me, big sister was going to take hold of the situation for the second time tonight.

As I opened the door a very drunk looking sister-in-law entered, I started to tell her how James had kindly allowed me to stay in the spare room due to my circumstances but she did not seem interested, she hardly looked like she could stand not alone take in what I was saying. She walked into the room where I had just performed some brotherly love and crashed out on the bed. I looked at James, smiled and with one finger placed up to my lips I left the apartment and returned to my own. A note on the side from my ex stated that he had took his case and checked into a hotel, as for the last day, it was spent quietly by the pool, was this the end of brotherly love, well I guess I could tell you what happened after this but as they say, that's another story?

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