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Free Erotic Story - Panty Sniffing

True Story - Reader Submitted

Dear Tina

I would like to share my most recent panty experience with you. As you might well be aware, this was my 4th purchase and my first 48 hour worn pair or panties. When the padded envelope fell through my letterbox I knew what it was straight away, the anxiety of what awaited inside for me to pleasure was so great that I had butterflies creep into my tummy.

As my wife had not yet left for work I casually placed the envelope in my study, if I had tried to hide it she would ask what was inside for sure but as I do lots of work from home I knew casually placing it to one side would arouse no suspicion.

The minutes passing until she left seemed like hours but when the coast was finally clear I could feel my cock getting stiffer just thinking about opening the package. I ripped open the padded envelope, placed my hand inside and pulled out the poly bag. As usual, the panties were placed in two bags, the first a zip lock and the second an air tight one. I removed the first and with the panties still inside the air tight one I took them with me to the bathroom.

Although I was in the house alone I did not wish to take any chances of being caught so I locked the door behind me and proceeded to the wash basin which has an adjoining work surface and mirror in front of it. I placed the bag down, removed all my clothes and stood naked with what was by now a hard on that was aching with delight.

Now the decision which must be made by all used panty buyers, do I hold the bag close, open it and breathe in deeply, or do I remove the panties first and then sample them. On this occasion I decided to take a small whiff of the contents before removing them, I peeled open the bag just inches from my nose and the aroma was like a child taking a smell of the sweetest candy ever. I was now shaking slightly with anticipation as I removed the beautiful pink thong from its bag.

I could feel the material was still damp and of course, I opened them out to reveal a slightly creamy looking gusset. I gently placed my nose just above this, about where the pelvic bone would be situated and started to stroke my cock. The intensity of my stroking started to grow as my breathing got deeper; I slowly placed the creamy gusset over my nostrils. I swear I could have exploded there and then but I wanted this to last longer. Now another decision which is always a hard one, do I risk damaging the smell by taking a taste of the cream, not just yet was the answer.


I decided to wear the panties over my head and position the gusset over my nose. I enjoy doing this whilst standing upright and looking in the mirror, don’t ask me why, I think it’s because I can see my face pressed into the panties and I imagine that you’re still in them. Now both hands were free I cupped my balls with one hand and started to firmly wank with the other.

I could feel the warm glow starting to rise down my shaft so I opened my mouth wide, disturbing the position of the creamy gusset to my lips. I now had the slightest ass aroma to enjoy in front of my nose and a creamy pussy juiced gusset touching my lips, it was just too much for me, I sucked the gusset into my mouth and sucked on your pussy juice looking into the mirror as I exploded into the sink.

The orgasm was so intense it made me feel light headed so there was a pause before I cleaned myself and the sink up. I dare not keep the panties for fear of my wife finding them so I will have to dispose of them carefully. I do get a second use out of them prior to this as I will place these back in the padded envelope and hopefully later I shall wank into them and watch as my spunk mixes with your creamy pussy juice and I shall imagine you are still wearing the panties as I cum all over them.

I have used my wife’s panties before but it’s just not the same. My real desire would be to fuck my wife from behind whilst wearing your panties over my face but I have a feeling asking her permission for this would not go down well... Timothy


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