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Little Slut

It had been nearly four weeks since my wife had last been home from her latest overseas trip
and day by day I was missing outside, female company more and more. My moods had become dark
and foreboding with little to do when I returned from work other than watch TV and think
about the sex that I wasn't getting!

When my friend Mac phoned it came as a blessed relief. He and his wife were inviting me to
their house for a party the following evening. Actually they were inviting me and my wife -
they were obviously unaware that Jan was still away. I explained that Jan was still in Hong

"It must be about three or four weeks now isn't it, Bill?" Mac's wife Lilly piped up. She
was obviously on the extension phone. "You poor dear! You must be getting lonely. Come on
over by yourself, there will be about twenty of us!"

Normally I wouldn't have bothered going to the party without my wife, but Lilly was right;
I was feeling a little sorry for myself and the thought of seeing Mac's gorgeous wife again
was too much to resist.

"Okay, guys, that's great! About nine?"

Both Mac and Lilly confirmed the time and hung up. I sat and thought for a while. When we
were younger, Mac, Lilly and I all used to hang out together. She was - still is - a very
sexy brunette with long legs and a stunning figure. She's also a complete nymphomaniac but,
as she was Mac's girlfriend, out of respect I never even attempted to make a pass at her. As
I sat and thought about that gorgeous little figure, I began to develop an erection. I
started to think that, friend or no friend, I should have at least tried with her!

The party was already in full swing when I arrived. Mac and Lil had swung the large french
doors in their lounge wide open and had lit a barbeque outside. The air was warm and a
little humid and the friendly aroma of grilled steaks assaulted my senses. Mac showed me
the way to the bar and poured me a cold beer. He seemed a little distant and nervous around
me but I put this down to the pressure of hosting a party in its early stages.

"Back in a while, Bill," Mac called to me as he began to wander off, "just got to see to
the guests. Make yourself at home!"

Left alone, I began to look around and study the other guests. My heart sank. All couples!
I wandered outside into the night air gripping my beer. The smell of cooked meat started to
make me feel hungry and I walked in the direction of the grill.

"So glad you could make it, Bill!" A voice behind me said.

I wheeled round and caught my breath as I laid eyes on the vision that was Lilly. As I've
said, the night was warm and most people had dressed down a little. But Lilly had excelled
herself. A short, black chiffon dress that did little to hide her underwear - or figure -
adorned her sexy frame. Black stockings and high-heeled shoes complimented the outfit
perfectly - she looked like a real slut and I could hardly take my eyes off her!

"Wow, Lil! That's some outfit you got there."

Lilly laughed. She flicked her head back and tossed her long, brown hair back over her

"I know! Mac dared me to wear it. I feel like a cheap whore. Fantastic!"

I joined her in a hearty laugh and tried not to stare too openly at her barely covered

"How about a dance, Bill?"

"Well, actually I was just about to get a bite to eat," I replied, "how about we..."

"You can eat something later!" Lilly interrupted me with a wink, "come on, I want to

When Lilly has made up her mind, there's usually little anyone can do to change it back!
Her hand grasped mine and pulled me vigorously towards the terrace where several other
couples were swaying slowly to a soulful song on the CD. She held me in a close embrace as
we gyrated around the floor. Her hand was on my neck and her soft lips close to my ear. I
gulped hard. It had been weeks since I'd had sex and the inevitable was happening; I was
getting a hard-on!

"Ohhhh!" cooed Lilly, "did you just put a hot dog in your pocket, or are you just pleased
to see me?"

As usual in these circumstances, all witty responses failed me. Say something, I kept
thinking to myself, just say something. Anything!

"Er...just pleased, I guess." I replied stupidly. "It's been a while"

Lilly laughed again and pressed herself back up against me.

"That's okay, Bill," she whispered the words into my ear, "I'm glad that I'm turning you

I took a deep breath. Determined to say something cool and clever this time. Lilly pressed
her fingers to my lips, cutting me off before I'd started.

"You turn me on as well, Bill. You know that, don't you?"

Lilly had always been direct but her words still caught me off balance.

"I know you've always wanted me," she continued, "Let’s make tonight the night, shall we?"

I gulped again. It seemed like a lifetime since I had made an intelligent comment.

"But what about Mac? He's your husband! And, he's my best friend!"

"Actually it was Mac's idea!"

Suddenly my mouth was very dry. Could I have heard her right?

"Don't look so surprised, Bill," she continued. We were still dancing and she had backed me
up into a doorway. "Don't say that Mac has never told you about him wanting to watch me?"

"No, baby, I never told him!"

My friend's voice came from directly behind me. I turned to see him smiling at both me and
his wife.

"But it's true, Bill," he continued, "you know that Lil we say, a highly
sexed lady?"

I nodded dumbly.

"I know you fancy the ass off her, so let's stop messing about, okay? You want her, she
wants you and I want to watch you both fuck!"

I didn't need much persuading. My hard cock was still aching in my shorts and, at that
moment, I wanted this woman more than I had ever wanted anything before.

"I think the guests can manage without us for a while!" Laughed Mac. "Come on, lets go

Mac gripped one of my hands and Lilly took the other as, between them, they led me up the
stairs and into the guest bedroom.

"You've seen a lot of my body under this silly dress, Bill," said Lilly with a smile, "so
let's see yours. Strip off and get naked!"

At first I was a little self conscious. All this had happened very quickly and I had to
confirm to myself on several occasions that it was all really happening. Mac - my best
friend - was sitting in the corner watching while his sexy wife was almost commanding me to
shed my clothes. I started slowly. My shirt fell to the ground and I kicked it into the
corner. I stood before Lilly topless and in just my shorts and sandals. I smiled trying to
regain some composure.

"And the rest!" cried Lilly. She was becoming obviously excited.

I took a deep breath and quickly pulled my shorts and underwear down to my ankles. I
stepped out of them and kicked my sandals off. I stood naked.

Lilly moved towards me and kissed me full on the lips. The embrace quickly became more
heated and our tongues cork-screwed around in each others mouth's. I gasped suddenly and
held my breath again. Lilly had wrapped her long, cool fingers around my throbbing shaft
and was leading me to the bed.

"Mmmmmmm...That’s more like it," she whispered, "much more comfortable here!"

Our embrace continued as she slowly stroked my erection in her soft hand and, when our lips
finally parted, I found myself nearly gasping for air.

I turned to look at Mac. I was going to ask him again, confirm that he really wanted me to
go through with this before it was too late. Hell, I thought, it was already too late! A
team of wild horses would have had trouble dragging me away from Lilly at that point!

Mac smiled at me. I noticed that he had unzipped his pants and was slowly masturbating his
hard tool as he watched. This was all the encouragement that I needed and once again took
Lilly's face in my hands as we continued to kiss and tongue each other. Lil's hand was now
cupping my balls. The sensations were delightful as her long fingernails tickled lightly
under the sensitive skin and then slowly worked their way up my shaft and over my throbbing

"Why don't you strip as well, baby?" Mac's earthy voice echoed from the corner.

Lilly and I came up for air again. Her face was a smiling picture as she stood and began to
unbutton the front of her dress. I sat back on the bed, my cock standing out hard and rigid
as she disrobed. The dress fell to the floor and her hands were behind her back opening her
bra strap. Both Mac and I gasped at the same time as we saw the bra drop. Lilly's hands were
on her hips and she pushed her chest out accentuating her full, pert tits. As I had hoped,
there was no trace of sag at all and the cherry-red nipples stood out firm and proud.

Lilly's thumbs hooked into the waist-band of her bikini panties as she began to roll the
tiny briefs down over her black stockings. I stared at her pussy as it became exposed.
Lilly had trimmed her pubic mound right back so that just a small patch of hair guarded the
entrance to her sex. I could hardly keep my eyes from her snatch and licked my lips

"Have a taste, Bill!" Cried Mac, "I can see you want to!"

He was right. I did want to taste his wife's cunt and I didn't need much persuading! In a
second I had Lilly sitting on the edge of the bed with her legs spread as wide as the
little slut could get them. My head dropped between her thighs and I breathed in the heady
aroma of her sex. I used my fingers and pulled her wet lips open. Her scent filled my
nostrils and I swiped my tongue over her distended clitty. I heard a moan come from above
me and smiled to myself as I set to my task with great enthusiasm.

I sucked and slurped on Lilly's clit. My hands held her lips open and my fingers danced in
and out of her wet pussy. On several occasions I touched on her sensitive asshole and felt
her shiver in anticipation. I knew she was close and continued to work both of her holes
until I felt her entire body start to tremble and her juices start to run freely into my

"Now it's my turn!" Gasped Lilly as she pulled me up onto the bed.

I was ready for her. I held my solid erection in my hand as she lowered her head towards
me. My mind reeled as I felt her soft lips close around the head of my cock and draw me
into her mouth.

I closed my eyes and reveled in the sensations as her lips caressed me and her fingers
found and cupped my heavy balls. I tried to control myself - quite successfully - and took
deep, long breaths as she fellated me so expertly. I glanced back over at Mac. He was still
sitting quietly, but was now openly masturbating. His thick cock slithered through his fist
as he brought himself closer and closer towards climax.

"Damn, Bill," gasped Lilly as she let my throbbing tool slip from between her lips, "I
really want you to fuck me!"

Again, how could I refuse? Lilly pushed me gently back on the bed and swung a stocking clad
leg over me. I felt the gossamer material around her smooth thigh as it touched my skin. I
have always liked women to wear stockings when fucking and Lilly's legs looked perfect in

She faced away from me and supported her hands on the bed. I watched her pert, round butt
and wet, pink sex lips as they descended towards my rigid tool. If her mouth felt good,
then her pussy was absolutely delicious. Her muscles squeezed me. Her wet tube held me
tight as she slowly raised and lowered her hips. The warm friction of her building rhythm
was quite sensational.

Suddenly I herd a groan. I looked over at Mac just in time to see a great stream of cum
shooting from the end of his twitching cock.

"Oh shit!" he cried as he climaxed, "you guys look so fucking hot!"

"Ohhhh" moaned Lilly as she rode me, "There's more to cum, baby! Wanna watch your best
friend fuck your wife up the ass?"

I watched Mac's face glaze over in a look of lustful wonderment. He nodded his head
vigorously and began pumping his wilting member with his fist.

In one swift, fluid motion, Lilly slithered reluctantly off my tool and lay on her back.
Her hands went under her legs and she pulled them back towards her head. She had always
been an athletic girl and this bent position seemed to give her no problem at all.

I looked down at her spread body. Her cunt lips were wide open and dripping juice down into
the crack of her ass. Her tits looked hot and flushed with color; the cherry-red nipples
hard and thrusting. Her hands moved down and spread her buttocks wide. I gasped as her anus
opened and winked sensuously. I knew what Lilly wanted. I knew what Mac wanted and I knew
what I wanted.

Gently I guided my slick tool towards the impossibly tight hole. I heard Lilly moan as my
hard flesh touched the soft tender opening. I pressed forward. Damn, she was tight! I
pushed a little harder. The resistance was strong but Mac's little slut began to push back
towards me. And then suddenly the dam burst. I felt the deep heat of her ass surround my
inflamed cock as I traveled up inside her. I groaned out loud and Lilly let out a small,
high pitched squeal.

"Go on, man, fuck her!" Mac was close to us now and still trying to massage his wet cock
into a more upright position. "Fuck her...fuck her...fuck the slut in the ass!"

I felt Lilly react when her husband called her a slut. Her whole body seemed to tense and I
heard a soft moan escape her lips.

"You like me in your ass, slut?" I hissed through clenched teeth. This was a band-wagon I
wanted to jump on!

Again the soft moan, louder this time. I pushed in deeper.

"That's it, whore! Take my big cock in your tight butt!"

More moaning; deep and guttural. This was turning her on as much as me.

"I'm gonna fuck your slut ass til I cum!" I cried.

This time Lilly shuddered. Her fingers went straight to her clit and she rubbed herself
furiously, climaxing hard as Mac and I called her all the nasty names we could think of.

"Let me suck the cum out of your big cock, Bill!" she gasped, "This little whore wants to
be your cum-slut!"

Again we quickly changed positions. My cock slipped out of Lilly's abused back door with a
"pop". I stood on the bed, my legs trembling and my turgid cock throbbing and twitching in
front of me. I knew that I was going to cum very quickly.

Lilly grasped me and greedily swallowed my cock straight into her mouth. Her lips formed a
perfect seal around the head of my cock and her tongue slithered along the sensitive
underside. I let out a cry. I could feel the cum rising from my balls and wanted to warn
Lilly of the impending explosion. But, suddenly, it was too late. The seed was literally
pouring out of me. Lilly tried to swallow but the viscous fluid spilled from the corners of
her mouth and dripped onto her perfect tits.

"Mmmmm...That’s right my little little cum-slut....."

"What slut? You've never called me that before, at least not BEFORE you fucked me!"

My wife's voice permeated through the dream dragging my consciousness up through a dark
tunnel and eventually into the light. My eyes opened and I looked blearily up into the
familiar face.

"Good dream?" Jan asked, a wry grin on her face.


"I think it must have been," she continued. I realized that, in my sleep I had pulled the
sheet back. I sleep naked and my hard cock was twitching with a life of it's own against my

Again I couldn't think of anything intelligent to say so I simply pulled the sheet back
over and covered my body.

"Now," Jan started again as she headed for the bathroom, "don't forget Mac and Lilly's
party tonight. Those two have been acting a little strangely recently, I hope they are okay
together. Maybe they could use a little help."

I turned over and smiled to myself. I could just recall some small particles of the dream
that hadn't scattered from my mind like wind-blown feathers. Maybe Mac and Lilly did need
our help - anyway, it would be fun to find out!


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