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Dirty Panties For Sale

Welcome to our used panty selling home on the big world wide web. I did introduce ourselves briefly on the front page, Tiffany from the USA and myself Tina a UK lass. Two ladies who enjoy selling dirty panties. We have a lot to offer on this site, Saucypanties has been online since 1999 and in that time it has continued to grow a little month by month year by year. We have added features like the free sex stories, live webcams and live panty telephone chat lines just add a little spice. If you get lost in our panty jungle then we do have a sitemap of the entire site. Navigation menus are to the left and menu buttons are also at the top of every page.

If you are new to the experience a pair of what a pair of horny worn panties has to offer then I would suggest that you take your time visiting the links in the menu paying special attention to the 'Who Are We' and 'Expectations' links, below I have attempted to answer a few of the most common questions customers have.

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Question? Are you individuals or is there an organization behind us?
Answer: Nobody is behind us, we are not part of any large porn organization, yes we add features to the site like cheap phone sex and galleries, but we have been online selling used panties since 1999 so it would have been pretty sad not to grow and make Saucypanties a more enjoyable and exciting place for you to visit.

Question? Why do you sell dirty panties, is it just for the money?
Answer: No it really is not just for the money. We really do enjoy selling our dirty panties. We get a thrill, a kick, a sexual pleasure from knowing that something so intimate (our love juices) have been deposited into the gusset of our knickers and then posted on for your enjoyment. Some say that they like to lick them others say that they prefer the smell and scent of our dirty panties.

Question? How will the dirty panties arrive?
Answer: We have an Expectations page for you to read, postage wise double sealed to keep them fresh and an unmarked package for discreteness. Our shopping cart takes care of the personal aspect, whether you want the panties worn for longer or even if you would prefer pee stained wet panties, thong style or bikini.

Question? Is it safe to enter my credit card details on your site?
Answer: Absolutely, we invested advertising revenue into a merchant account and shopping cart system meaning. Your card details are processed by myself, I have to log onto an encrypted server and manually enter the details myself. Everything is then deleted apart from delivery address.

Question? I am a little worried about disease are you clean?
Answer: Both myself and Tiffany are blood donors, we are not panty sellers who claim to be celibate but when having sex safe sex and using a condom goes without saying and even then it is no sex while wearing an order.

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The Saucy Used Panties Promise -

01) The dirty panties which we sell will be worn by either Tina or Tiffany.
02) All panty orders will be double sealed after wearing so you receive them still moist.
03) We are both non smokers so no nasty nicotine smells just pussy.
04) No artificial sprays or tricks will be used on your order for worn panties.
05) Panties will be worn for the stated amount of time requested.
06) We do not wear perfume or body sprays whilst wearing panties.
07) No Sexual intercourse takes place while preparing your worn panties.
08) Panties are washed and worn a few times before being sold (removes the new smell).
09) All worn panties are treated in strictest confidence your privacy matters to us.
10) Packages arrive unmarked and we never store your details or pass them on.






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