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Free Sex Story - Worship

Worship (Submitted by Wendy)

My story is a real life changing story. I had a fantasy to be controlled by a mistress. I came across mistress Tina's panty site. It started out that she would give me a couple of tasks to do through out the day. Then she starting controlling my diet ,my finances, what I wear and where I sleep, what time I go to bed and what time I wake up, when and how many times a day I may go to the bathroom. She now controls every aspect of my life.

I must tell you that is the biggest turn on of my life. I imagine that if I am good enough she may allow me to be her permanent slave. I imagine a typical day would be that I wake up as early as she tells me to. I would be sleeping at the foot of her bed, in case she needs something in the middle of the night I will be right there to get it for her. First thing in the morning Mistress Tina makes me put on my maids outfit and prepare her bath and lay out her clothes for the day. She then gets up and allows me to be her toilet while she relieves herself from the nights build up in her bladder.

She makes sure I am a perfect piece of toilet paper so she can take her bath and be clean. I then wash her and rinse her off then dry her. She then lets me eat my food from a cat bowl. She then gives me my days tasks to do. It will include my food for the day that I may eat and my bathroom schedule for the day, and also what I will be wearing for the day. I then complete the tasks for the day. I make sure they are done to perfection because Mistress Tina will punish me if they aren't.

I then wait like a puppy dog for her to return from work. If my tasks are done correctly then she will reward me and let me lick her butt and pussy to clean them from the days sweat and stuff . Then she uses and abuses me for a while untill she is tired of me. She fixes my dinner puts in in my cat bowl and puts it on the floor so I can eat dinner. I then massage her feet and if necessary clean her butt and pussy again before bed. Mistress Tina" butt and pussy are my biggest treat I love to clean them for her..

I love to worship mistress Tina's body anyway she lets me. I am now totally controlled by Mistress Tina and someday if she lets me be her permanent slave I imagine my past life would soon be forgotten and I would become her toy to name and keep whereever she wants untill she is tired of me. But if I worship her as hard as I can I maybe lucky enough for her to keep me.

I love the smell of my Mistress and sometimes she will soil some panties and allow me to where them on my head all day to have a constant reminder of her aroma. Mistress Tina is the best thing that ever happened to me and I want to worship her and her body as long as she lets me. I would be lost without her. I look forward to her dailt tasks and instructions for the day. I am totally devoted to my Mistress now that I sleep drink and eat Mistress Tina everyday all day..Her loyal and devoted slave walter.. ?

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